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How to survive in the Pandemic? Restaurant Edition

Don’t let the global pandemic crisis affect the way you see your business growing. Our industry is far too resilient for that. But of course, it doesn’t mean it will not change. Many restaurants are facing unprecedented challenges. However, there are many hacks as to how you can go through these hard times. 1.Meal Kits […]

The Secret of Delicious ALLDA Cooking

1.3D cooking method for nourishment and flavor ALLDA revolves the blade constantly while cooking, it mixes ingredients and condiments well and cook evenly, so it pereserves it’s nourishment and flavor very well. 2.Precise cooking technology for better taste ALLDA’s Precise cooking control technology can cook any recipes deliciously by keeping optimal temperature and speed constantly. […]

4 features of ALLDA

ALLDA, Cooking Master consists of these 4 main features: 1.Easy Easy operation with time, temperature and rotation speed. With a simple operation cooking temperature, time and speed with free adjustment, and user-friendly design, even beginners can cook! 2. Variety Amazing cooking function with 12 cooking utensils. By combining the functions of 12 cooking utensils, you […]

4 Benefits of ALLDA

Feel the joy of cooking, with ALLDA Excellent price performance ratio ALLDA can handle the functions of 12 different cooking methods! Home cooking expenses wouldn’t be higher with ALLDA, saving you money from eating out or ordering take-outs. The consumption of gas will be reduced with ALLDA, saving you extra dollars. Healthy dietary life Easy […]

Safety of ALLDA

Every unit of ALLDA is manufactured with safety as the topmost priority.  All their products come with Korean BSMI, CCC, FCC and KC certification to give you and your family a peace of mind. This makes it a safe kitchen appliance that all members in your family can use.  First of all, is the triple safety […]

Kids Kitchen Safety Tips

If you have little ones that love to help in the kitchen, you will probably know how awesome and terrifying it is to see them cook. Here are a few tips to keep your kids safe in the kitchen. Always be near your kids when they are in the kitchen, especially when they are holding […]

ALLDA Technology

ALLDA’s amazing cooking ability is made possible by understanding the science of cooking. The all-powerful blades consists of a variety of functions, such as stirring, crushing, grinding and kneading, etc. Every shape and angle of the blade is designed to maximize the cooking efficiency.  As the blades rotate, it ensures that ingredients are well mixed and cooked. […]

Make Fondant with only 3 Ingredients

Ever found out you don’t have fondant you needed last minute and all you have is marshmallow and icing sugar on hand? Try our 3 ingredient marshmallow fondant that tastes and works just amazing! Ingredients: 1 bag marshmallow, 4 cups powdered sugar, 2-3 tbsp water Instructions: First melt marshmallows and water in a double boiler […]

Who is ALLDA?

If there’s one thing that all cooks can agree on, it’s that cooking is sometimes just too much hassle. Whether its having to use too many different appliances to prepare a meal or having too much washing up to do, the idea of it makes it an off-putting activity.  Of course, kitchen technology have come […]

Easy to make Kale Chips

Wanted to look for an alternative to chips but couldn’t find any? Look no further because we have a solution for you. Give our baked kale chips a try and we promise you wouldn’t regret it. Instruction: Preheat an oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Line a non insulated cookie sheet with parchment […]