Equipment For Food Truck

If you want to start a food truck business, you must first research on local licensing requirements and food truck options.  Once you’ve done your due diligence and know that you can open up your own food truck, it’s time to start acquiring food truck equipment. In addition, decide on food truck menu first before designing commercial kitchen.

New or Used Food Truck Equipment

You can buy second-hand equipment for your food trucks, or you can safely buy some items such as trays, utensils, dispensers and equipment without internal components. The equipment left for a long time may not operate normally.

It is found in certain breakfast food trucks that expresso bean grinders and espresso makers are often used. These items will stop working properly over time, so if they have been sitting for a few months, they need some maintenance.

When choosing equipment with moving parts or even an oven, you need to be extra careful when buying second-hand products. If you take the risk of buying second-hand equipment, you need to check everything and understand all warranties that may exist or have expired.

Newer devices have warranty security.

Starting a new food truck business with second-hand ovens and heaters may cause future downtime and troubles. Therefore, when buying second-hand equipment, you need to be very insightful.

Essential Food Truck Equipment


Eggs. Grilled cheese. Burgers. Hash browns. Pancakes. Bacon and sausage. Cheese steaks. Steak and chicken fajitas. And so much more. Regardless of the menu, this item is the workhorse of most foodservice operations and a mainstay on food trucks.


Similar to the griddle, charboiler is a useful device. With one advantages, charbroilers sear food quickly over high heat, creating a unique aroma.

Concession hood and fire suppression system

The foundation of all food trucks operations serving prepared items. Local regulations vary, so make sure concession hoods are (at least) six to 12 inches wider than equipment underneath.


 If space allows, grab a reach-in freezer. If space is tight, consider an undercounter unit. A reach-in cooler is just as important; your food truck is a long way from the commissary, so keep it operating at ease.

Induction Range

The cooking speed of the induction cooker is faster than gas, the heat is less, and the energy consumption is low. They are also easy to clean and compact, which makes them ideal for operations such as food trucks and portable concessions.

Deep fryer

Operate this food truck equipment to add fried goodness to your menu, from funnel cakes to French fries. Options range from countertop fryers (less than 10 orders an hour) and funnel cake fryers to more popular options that service hundreds of hungry customers per hour.

Refrigerated Kitchen Prep Tables

Create photo-ready lunch orders with an assortment of ingredients, all housed in these handy units.


You can use a microwave to reheat sides or even steam vegetables.

Used restaurant equipment

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