4 features of ALLDA

ALLDA, Cooking Master consists of these 4 main features:


Easy operation with time, temperature and rotation speed. With a simple operation cooking temperature, time and speed with free adjustment, and user-friendly design, even beginners can cook!

2. Variety

Amazing cooking function with 12 cooking utensils. By combining the functions of 12 cooking utensils, you can cook simple as well as hard dishes with the help of ALLDA.

3. Fast

User-oriented 1-stop cooking system. No more troublesome cooking, enjoy the fast and easy life with ALLDA’s 1-stop cooking system that maximizes covenience.

4. Delicious

The secret of ALLDA’s delicious dish comes from the magic created with ALLDA’s cooking technology! Play magic on your dishes with ALLDA that improves the flavor and tasting of cooking.