The Secret of Delicious ALLDA Cooking

1.3D cooking method for nourishment and flavor

ALLDA revolves the blade constantly while cooking, it mixes ingredients and condiments well and cook evenly, so it pereserves it’s nourishment and flavor very well.

2.Precise cooking technology for better taste

ALLDA’s Precise cooking control technology can cook any recipes deliciously by keeping optimal temperature and speed constantly.

*High-efficiency cooking container with a built-in heater adjustable from 37 °C to 120°C.

*Wide and strong BLDC motor can be used freely depending on usage, from stirring (40rpm) to grinding (11,000rpm).

*Setting time up to 100 minutes.

3.Useful homemade recipe book with various menus

ALLDA provides a collection of special recipes that are developed from carefully-selected wellbeing recipes of top chefs.