4 Benefits of ALLDA

Feel the joy of cooking, with ALLDA

Excellent price performance ratio

  • ALLDA can handle the functions of 12 different cooking methods!
  • Home cooking expenses wouldn’t be higher with ALLDA, saving you money from eating out or ordering take-outs.
  • The consumption of gas will be reduced with ALLDA, saving you extra dollars.

Healthy dietary life

  • Easy to make wellness food from fresh ingredients to your precious family.
  • Make meals where excellent nutrients are preserved, natural seasoning, and other spices that you already have at home.

Pleasant kitchen environment

  • ALLDA does not use gas while cooking, reducing carbon emissions that causes indoor air pollution.
  • The enclosure type design of the body keeps the air in the kitchen pleasing.

Shortened cooking time

  • ALLDA significantly reduces the time required for preparing food.
  • As it only needs a few cooking tools, it is easy to clean after usage.
  • For long time cooking, you can use the timer function to leave your cooking to ALLDA and enjoy your spare time without needing to monitor the cooking process.