Who’s Better? (Matcha VS Coffee Benefits)

I know that a lot of you love your coffee — in the morning and all day. But that’s just part of the issue. Caffeine is the single most abused stimulant in the world. Drinking too much caffeine and drinking it at the wrong moment is chaos with our health and circadian cycles.

If you’re reluctant to even consider scaling back your coffee or switching to another drink daily, hear me out. Matcha has a fairly interesting mix of advantages and security that you’ll want to understand.

Matcha is made from green tea leaves from the plant Camellia sinensis tea plant. What makes matcha tea different from other types is tea is its processing. Most teas are made from parts of the tea leaf, but matcha tea is created from the whole tea leaf, ground to a powder.

Coffee, on the other hand, is famous for its warm and bitter taste, its smooth texture and its caffeine content. Lighter coffee roasts have a milder taste and are more caffeine-like, while darker roasts are stronger and bitterer, but with less caffeine. There are a lot of different ways to drink your coffee, as you know if you’ve ever studied a coffee shop with a drink menu.

Matcha also has balanced pH levels, making it a great help for your digestion, unlike coffee. It contains catechins, which will help you fight against bad breath and teeth staining (both of which are a problem for regular coffee drinkers!). It also has a great effect on your skin health. Matcha may also help you lose weight, lower your blood pressure, and many other benefits!

Matcha has about 50% less caffeine than coffee. However, unlike coffee, matcha also contains certain phytonutrients, like our friend L-theanine, that helps your body absorb the caffeine in your matcha tea latte slowly. That means that, instead of the huge caffeine spike you get from drinking coffee, matcha allows you to benefit from the caffeine’s awakening effects for much longer.

And those are just a few from the various benefits of matcha and why you should switch to drinking matcha instead of coffee if you need the caffeine.