Everything you need to know about commercial kitchen

Starting a food business is never an easy job. One of the first challenges you will face will be needing a licensed commercial facility to produce your food legally. But where do you start? Building a factory can cost you thousands of dollars. Finding a restaurant that has available kitchen time you can use may come with limitations on time and storage capacity. Fortunately, you can avoid some of these issues by implementing responsible business practices. Not only that, in the last 5 years, shared-use kitchens have become widely available.

So, how does a shared commercial kitchen work? You usually pay for a membership, or by the hour. The benefit of having a shared commercial kitchen is that you have the peace of mind knowing you wont risk getting shut down by the health inspector since the kitchen is licensed and insured.

Before choosing the right kitchen for you, always consider these:

  1. The equipment you will need
  2. How much and what type of storage space you require
  3. How much support you want from the kitchen staff
  4. What is your operating hours