History of Alcohol

For the love of beer, alcohol has played an influential role throughout history and has left its mark on many cultures and civilizations.

For thousand of years, people around the world have used fermented fruits and grains to make alcohol. Many have wondered who discovered alcohol, but the origins of alcohol are varied. Alcohol production is commonly associated with the Middle East, and it might have occurred as early as 6000 BCE.

Of course, although alcohol use may have been around for decades, that doesn’t mean alcohol its entirely safe for you to indulge in. It has been associated with a variety of physical issues, including liver damage, stroke, and Oral cancer. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 20 to 40% of people in urban hospitals are often caused by alcohol consumption. In conclusion, do drink alcohol cautiously.

In this modern time, some people are even experimenting with making their own alcohol at home, just as their ancestors might have done during Prohibition. If you are an alcohol drinker, you are tapping into a long line of others who drank in the past. Nevertheless, alcoholism can cause serious health issues, and severe drinking problems. If you have difficulty with drinking, or you know someone else who does, treatment can help.