What is a Ghost Kitchen?

No, its not haunted.

While “ghost kitchen” and “virtual restaurant” and often used interchangeably, they’re actually 2 different things.

A ghost kitchen is where virtual brands are produced without a brick location. They’re facilities that are made solely for producing virtual brands. What is a virtual brand? A virtual brand is delivery-only food concept that sells exclusively online and through delivery apps.

What is a virtual restaurant? As opposed to a ghost kitchen, virtual restaurants don’t rent from third parties. They have their own establishment locations or food trucks, and uses their existing kitchens to create delivery-exclusive menus.

Why are ghost kitchens becoming so popular? That’s because food delivery is exploding. With the growing trend, chefs and investors are jumping into the curve and taking advantage of the trend. To explain further, ghost kitchens are a bet that future of food lies on delivery. Because most restaurants lose money when they use delivery apps, ghost kitchens are supposed to be a solution to that problem.

To sum up the whole article, the function of a ghost kitchens starts with renting from a landlord at a facility, usually located in densely populated areas. From there, you get your brand onto a delivery app like UberEats or DoorDash, and start getting customers. Then you send out orders from the rented kitchen space.