Bacon Chips, but not really.

This startup company has created chips that taste very similar to bacon but its actually mushrooms! This outstanding food, ‘PigOut’ was founded by Dave Anderson, PigOut is made from king oyster mushrooms using proprietary process to reduce the fat, as mushrooms absorb liquid such as oil. The company is also planning to license it to other chip makers, since it also works with potatoes.

The plant-based product aims to make the bacon experience accessible to everyone who loves the taste and texture of crispy bacon. Outstanding Foods gives consumers a way to enjoy the taste of bacon without the cons associated with traditional pork bacon, but also giving consumers what they crave: the crispy, salty, fatty flavour of bacon in a 100% plant-based form.

Outstanding Foods also plans to introduce other pork-like products, that which includes plant-based bacon strips and pork peels. Not only that, they also want to expand to other meats like beef and chicken.