Best Way to Prep Sweet Potatoes

The love of sweet potatoes. Tasty, universal, and you can make any meal with it! Some weeks they are roasted, other times hashed, but the most brilliant way to meal prep sweet potatoes is actually to use the grill.

Grilled sweet potatoes are the best. This makes the whole sweet potato tender beneath the crispy grill-marked skin. The real beauty as to why grilling sweet potatoes are the best is because they require no upfront prep and you do not need to keep an eye on it once you put them on the grill. Heat your grill at medium – high heat. He sweet potatoes will take about 40 minutes to cook (the timing may differ based on the sizes of your sweet potatoes).

The best way to store grilled sweet potatoes is to let it cool off, then place in the fridge in an airtight container. At any time of the day, sweet potatoes are always suitable!