Easy To Make Baby-Meals

Making your own baby food can actually be easy, fast, and saves you lots of money. However, you must first be aware of these:

  • Your baby can take on solid foods. If your baby can sit upright, hold her head up, and is interested in food, she’s probably ready!
  • Be aware of their allergies towards food. Common allergies include nuts, milks, and seafood.
  • Make sure that the meals you make for your baby are age appropriate

1.Sweet Potato Puree

The sweet potato should be broken down into small pieces after the boiling. Another way is to use a spoon to mash the sweet potato into your desired texture. To make a silky-smooth sweet potato puree, you can blend it too. Let it cool and done!

2.Vegetable Lasagna

Even though there is no actual lasagna in this baby puree, the taste stays true to the taste of a lasagna that babies would love. http://loveandduckfat.com/homemade-baby-food-recipe-vegetable-lasagna/

3.Blueberry + Mango + Avocado Puree

Sounds fancy, and a little bit interesting with the mixture of flavours but trust me, it’ll turn our delicious.

Very simple to make. All you have to do is place all the ingredients into the bowl (blueberries, mangoes, avocados peel and chopped) and use a hand blender to blend it until smooth. With that, your puree is ready.