Ice Creams You Can Make WITHOUT an Ice Cream Maker

Warm weather is an understatement when you live in Malaysia. During these times, all we want is something cold to cool off.  Ice cream! Who wouldn’t want to devour a whole bucket of ice cream right now?

Now, you can satisfy your cravings by making it at home too, without the hassle of driving out. Better yet, you don’t even need an ice cream maker to make ice cream. (Of course, if you do have an ice cream maker, the world is your oyster.)

1.Vanilla Ice Cream

Simple, yet divine. Nothing can get much simpler than a scoop of sweet vanilla ice cream. All you need is 5 ingredients, including vanilla and salt, this no-churn ice cream will taste so pure and simple, with a fresh dairy flavour.

Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe:

2.Chocolate Ice Cream

The next favourite go-to flavour! Since it IS chocolate, it is very important to reach for the good cocoa powder. For a dark colour and flavour, you can go for Dutch-process cocoa. For a lighter colour and fruitier flavour you can go for natural cocoa.

Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe:

3.Fruity Ice Cream

For those that love fruits and ice cream, this one’s for you! Freeze-fruits are always there for you when you need it. This version that we will be sharing will need blueberries to give out that vibrant colour and fruity taste.

Fruity Ice Cream Recipe:

To spice them up, make some chocolate chip cookies and add a scoop of ice cream between the two tender chocolate chip cookies. Delicious!