Prepare yourself with our 5 promotions for this RAYA SALE!

Electric is the new way to go! Safer and eco-friendly. This induction cooker also consists of a full sealed PCB box, anti-oil, anti-water and anti-insect erosion. By using this induction cooker, it also automatically shutdown when it is unattended in 3 hours saving you from wasting unnecessary electricity.

PROMOTION 2: Electric Dumpling Griddle PYJ-01
Not just for dumplings, cook various types of buns and meats with ease using the electric dumpling griddle. With a buzzer alarm to alert you that your food is ready and a programmable controller for a wide cooking application.

PROMOTION 3: Beverage Cooler (1 door GD-P430WA / 2 door GD-P1000WB-A)
No one likes a warm coke. Chill your drinks in one of our beverage coolers and worry about cold sodas ever again!

PROMOTION 4: Upright Refrigeration (2 door chiller / 2 door freezer / 4 door combo) + FREE Blender TM767A
Keep your foods fresh, especially during this MCO session by storing them in either our chiller or freezers.

Two is always better than one. Therefore, we are also giving away a FREE Blender TM767A for every purchase of an upright refrigeration. This blender is not just any ordinary blender juicer, this blender can you used for all types of blending from fruits, garlic, coffee beans to even tin cans!

PROMOTION 5: Water Storage Tank (MS-20(S) / MS-40(S))
Keep your water stored well and organized. Easy to use, easy to keep! Full seamless welded tank for easy cleaning with constructed polished stainless steel 304. Suitable for catering service/ kiosks/ snack bars and food service operation.

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