All you need to know about Coffee

For tons of people, coffee is an essential. However, while you are sipping on that warm cup of coffee, the history behind it may just surprise you.

Did you know, that Ethiopia is the origin of both arabica and robusta beans, but now they grow in a variety of different countries. For Arabica beans, they are primarily grown in Brazil but can also be found in countries like Colombia, Honduras and Mexico. Robusta also grows in Brazil but is even more common in Vietnam. other robusta coffee growing regions include Indonesia, India, and Uganda too.

Now that we are done with the dull history of coffee, lets talk about the best coffee mugs and cups for you coffee!

Something you might have or might not have known, each type of coffee cups have its pros and cons.

Paper Coffee Cup

Impossible to recycle and also leaches amounts of chemicals around the paper cup. Mostly used in coffee shop takeaways as its convenient to hold around with a lid on top for travel.  

Glass Coffee Cup
2.     Glass Coffee Cup

Not only is it recyclable and eco-friendly, it also does not consist of the plastic after taste. Of course, hot coffees will not be suitable to be placed in glass cups as its hard to hold.

3.     Double-Walled Metal Coffee Cup

A good option if you would like to keep you coffee hot for the long run. The outer part of the metal coffee cup prevents burns from the hot beverages, widely used and considered for travelling as it is convenient. The only flaw would be that it can have a metallic taste.

Traditional Coffee Mug
4.     Traditional Coffee Mug

The OG coffee mug, Widely available at different prices form low to high and comes in different materials from porcelain, ceramic, and earthenware.

Next, some fun and interesting facts about coffee.

  1. Did you know that people spend approximately $40 billion on coffee annually? That’s a lot of coffee drinking!
  2. If you’ve been drinking a ton of coffee, you’re in luck as statistics shown that coffee lowers the risk of type II diabetes and liver disease.
  3. Have you been noticing your coffee consumption increasing lately? According to statistics, a person’s coffee consumption increases by 25% when they reach their 20s.

With that, we will end with a coffee quote: Kindness is like coffee, it awakens your spirit and improves your day!