Is Speed Oven the future of cooking?

Imagine cooking 3 times, 5 times, 15 times faster? It may sound crazy, but speed ovens may just become the future of speed cuisine.

How does a High Speed oven work? A high speed oven is an innovative foodservice equipment that combines microwave technology with convection technology to create faster cooking times. 

With the small size of most high speed ovens, this can be commonly used nearly anywhere from cafes to convenient stores. Essentially, any operation that does not need to have a full service kitchen and wants to supply their customers with cooked-to-order food could benefit from a high speed oven. 

 High Speed Oven Advantages includes:

  • Food is cooked up to 10 times faster, increasing production.
  • Programmable for regular menu items, further lowering time spent on the cooking process
  • Requires far less skilled labor because of programmability
  • Menu items and food can be cooked to order
  • No special cookware required

If you’re looking to speed up your production while also offering a broader range of menu items, a high speed oven may just be the right kind of foodservice equipment for you!