Types of Mushrooms

Many people are only acquainted with the common button or portobello mushrooms they see in the grocery store. Yet there are so many other forms of mushrooms to try. Many of the mushrooms are tasty and have flavors varying from sweet to nutty, while some also taste like lobster.

Here are 20 different types of mushrooms:

  1. Button mushrooms
  2. Cremini mushrooms
  3. Portobello mushrooms
  4. Oyster mushrooms
  5. King oyster mushrooms
  6. Chanterelle mushrooms
  7. Porcini mushrooms
  8. Hedgehog mushrooms
  9. Chicken of the woods mushrooms
  10. Black trumpet mushrooms
  11. Wood blewit mushrooms
  12. Morel mushrooms
  13. Enoki mushrooms
  14. Shimeji mushrooms
  15. Shiitake mushrooms
  16. Maitake mushrooms
  17. Reishi mushrooms
  18. Lion’s mane mushrooms
  19. Matsutake mushrooms
  20. Giant puffball mushrooms