Should Pineapple Be On Pizza? (The Ultimate Debate)

This is perhaps the most contentious controversy linked to food: a popular one is the issue of whether pineapple is an appropriate pizza topping.

Yet are those bits of tangy pineapple really too awful on a pizza? Considering pineapple made it to the list of 10 most popular pizza toppings it doesn’t seem possible. (even though this makes just the ninth position, only before the spinach.)

To those who say pineapple is not an acceptable pizza topping because it’s not Italian … it existed in Italian food culture long before pepperoni ever did, but no one complains about that. There are so many popular toppings that we argue about that are not Italian. Maize on pizza? Pizza Buffalo Chicken? Ranch pizza dressing? Perhaps nearly as much talk for those, but they are definitely perhaps Italian products and they taste fantastic when they’re done correctly.

For all who say pineapple is not a suitable pizza addition since it doesn’t taste well, they obviously haven’t done it correctly. Whole blocks of pineapple wrapped onto a pie? No way. Roasted and pulled pineapple with a honey glaze combined with a crispy pork is great. No need for tomatoes on the pineapple slice, there’s enough vinegar to go around.