The Happiness of Fondues ( Fon-DO’s & Fon-DONT’s)

The nicest way to spend an evening meal with family and friends is by enjoying a warm cheese fondue together. However, there are also some FonDo’s and FonDont’s you should take note when you’re enjoying a hot bowl of fondue.

Cheese Fon-do’s:

Using high quality cheese which would be meltable. Not all cheese melts the same. Use what the recipe calls for. Gruyere, Swiss, Cheddar, Fontina Emmentaler are good cheeses to use …. Mozzarella, Feta, Cotija are poor cheeses to use

Use some good wine. The wine’s flavor is going to be a big part of the dish so don’t skimp.

Cheese Fon-don’ts:

 Should not use pre-shredded prepackaged milk. This almost often include additional starch in the box to prevent them from clumping. It will influence the phase of cooling, and the final texture.

Do not use cheese which is low in fat. Such cheeses never melt well and are likely to split when warm. Unfortunately, fondue is not a food and strive not to make it one.

Dipper Fon-do’s:

If there are chunks of meat , seafood or veggies in your fondue, make sure they ‘re cut in a small dice so that your dippers can pick them up effectively. See Tip Next.

To pick up some bits of beef, fish or vegetables, break your dippers into suitable sized pieces. See tip above.

Using sufficient fondue forks or large skewers. The cheese is hot!

Dipper Fon-don’ts:

Do not use dippers that will disintegrate when you dip them into the fondue. Use good sturdy bread or pasta al dente, instead of crumbly bread or overcooked pasta. You don’t want to have to fish your crumbling fondue dipper

Cooking Fon-do’s:

Slowly melt in the cheese. The cheese is traditionally melted over low heat with the wine in a saucepan on the stove. It is then put into a fondue pot to hold it moist and melty

Cooking Fon-don’ts:

Don’t over hot fry the cheese. It can be separated or seized (depending on the type you use)