What is dehydration (particularly in food) ?

Dehydration, specifically in food, means by which where foods can be preserved for indefinite periods by removing the moisture.

Dehydration is known to be the OLDEST method of food preservation, dating almost back as early as 12,000 B.C.E and was usually used by prehistoric peoples in sun-drying seeds. For example, The Japanese dried their fish.

Whether you’re looking to preserve your food, switch up your snack game or prepare for a future backpacking trip, dehydrating your own food is easy and rewarding. In comparison to pre-packaged food, it can be a cheaper alternative.

The benefit of dehydrating foods main is that they are less likely spoil quickly. Normally, when foods are sufficiently dehydrated, microorganisms cannot grow and foods will not spoil. Other than that, other benefits also includes,

1. Tasting good!

Surprisingly, without the moisture, the food tastes richer and delicious. Not only that, the food is also fresh when you make it yourself.

2. All Natural

When you buy snacks, you don’t always know what’s in it. Normally there are many additives and preservatives added in the processed foods. These preservatives are usually used to extend the shelf life of the food.

When you make it yourself, you are in control of what is and is not added. Therefore not needing to worry about the ingredients in the packaging that are unpronounceable chemicals affecting your body.

3. Eco-Friendly (Reduces Waste)

Food wastage has been increasing every year. By dehydrating your fruits at home, you can help the world by reducing waste one step at a time. Not only that, dehydrating foods more can also reduce waste as you would not need to throw our spoilt foods that often.

Nevertheless, trying something new never hurt nobody! Try and dehydrate your foods and fruits today.