Who is ALLDA?

If there’s one thing that all cooks can agree on, it’s that cooking is sometimes just too much hassle. Whether its having to use too many different appliances to prepare a meal or having too much washing up to do, the idea of it makes it an off-putting activity. 

Of course, kitchen technology have come a long way and the Koreans, bless them, have come up with the ultimate cooker. Whether you’re new to cooking, or a masterchef in the kitchen, this kitchen appliance makes cooking a breeze. 

The Cooking Master aka ALLDA  promises versatility, convenience and power. The name itself is a combination of ‘All’ in English and Da (“All” in Korean).

As the name suggests, it is indeed an all-excompassing machine to have in every household. It can replace up to 12 appliances in one stylish, compact unit.

There’s no longer any need to fill up your kitchen cabinets with different types of appliances, be it a blender, whisk, mixer, rice cooker, weighing scale and so on. Not to mention that it also takes up plenty of space to store so many appliances, and we know space can be really precious. 

To start cooking with it, simply choose the temperature, time, and rotation speed on the user-friendly interface.

The temperature dial allows you to choose any temperature between 37ยฐC to 120ยฐC whereas speed is dial-adjustable up to 11,000rpm which is slightly above the speed of turbines in a jet engine. The time can be adjusted up to 100 minutes with a useful auto timer mode for long cooking periods. 

Every unit comes with a recipe book to inspire your cooking moments with this perfect kitchen companion. 

ALLDA, the total cooking solution that stays with you. From beginning to the end.ย 

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