The Golden Droplets (Different Types Of Honey)

Different types of honey are categorized by the source of the flower, but did you know that even if it was extracted from the same flower at the same location, its taste could still differ by a very large margin? That’s because of the difference in temperature or rainfall. Often, the lighter colored honey appears to be milder in flavor than the darker honey.

While it is difficult to resist the urge to purchase a factory produced and perfectly packaged bottle of Honey, but if you are searching for safety, purity and price, select one of the varieties of Honey mentioned below. Doing so will ensure that you have the best taste, taste and health benefits like no other!

1.Acacia honey

Acacia is one of the most popular varieties of honey. Described as light and transparent honey, it has a delicate floral flavor from the nectar of the Robinia pseudo acacia flowers, also known as Black Locust in North America and Europe.

2.Alfalfa honey

Alfalfa honey is primarily developed in Canada and the United States. Created from purple or blue bulbs, it is light in colour and has a slight floral fragrance and taste.

3.Aster honey

This light-colored honey is primarily harvested from the Mid-South area of the United States. Aster Honey has a thick and smooth consistency, accompanied by a distinctly sweet smell.

4.Avocado honey

Avocado Honey tastes nothing like fruit, but is extracted from California avocado blossoms. It is a dark-colored honey with a rich and buttery flavor and makes a delicious salad dressing or condiment when mixed with other ingredients.

5.Basswood honey

Basswood Honey is most famous for its biting flavor, distinctive white color and excellent malleability, making it simple to mix with any food element. Basswood Honey is made from cream-colored basswood blossoms grown in North America.

6.Beechwood honey

Popularly known as Honeydew Coffee, it originates from the South Island of New Zealand. This comes from the sap formed by the aphids on the bark of the Beechwood tree and then gathered by the bees.

7.Blueberry honey

A good aromatic variety produced in New England and Michigan, blueberry honey is collected from the white flowers of the blueberry bush. Soft amber flavoured, a well-rounded taste and a touch of blueberry tanginess.

8.Bluegum honey

This eucalyptus honey specie is mainly grown in South Australia and Tasmania. The thick structure and amber-color render it a topping for toasts and wafers. Bluegum Honey’s flavour is very similar to that of a bubble gum with a slightly sweet undertone beneath its rich coating.

9.Buckwheat honey

The best and darkest of the honey types, Buckwheat Honey, is mostly grown in Minnesota, Ohio and Pennsylvania, as well as in a few eastern regions of Canada. As a rich source of iron and other important nutrients, Buckwheat Honey is one of the most common and commonly used varieties of honey.

10.Clover honey

Clover Honey is one of the most common and readily available varieties of honey in the world. It is primarily manufactured in Canada and New Zealand.