The Rise of Dalgona Coffee

The flu epidemic has given rise to social distancing and away from home plans, and there are a number of various activities individuals pick up to keep themselves occupied.

Among these is Dalgona coffee’s new trend, which has become big in South Korea. Instagram is full of people who use hashtag # DalgonaCoffee to post pics. What is it, you wonder?

The coffee is made by taking equal sections of instant coffee , sugar and hot water whipped on top of a glass of milk in a thick, caramel paste.

The outcome? It seems like a tall, two-coloured drink-brown and white. It’s even said right before it hardens to imitate melting candy. The beverage is such a visual delight it has become a hit on Instagram.

Following blogs, the drink burst into the limelight when it reached a menu in a restaurant where people fight to bring their favourite recipes to a line. It is reported that Actor Jung Il Woo fell at a cocktail in Macau. One day, he came across the drink when he had dined out.

Could this easy to make Sky Parfait be the next new big trend after Dalgona coffee?

How to make it:

  1. Prepare the gelatin per box instructions. Refrigerate until fully set.
  2. Rake set gelatin with a fork to form globules.
  3. Layer in parfait glasses, alternating with whipped topping to form clouds and sky.