Life of a Food Truck Owner

Running a food truck is never a stroll in the park. In fact, operating a food truck can involve a lot of difficult work. You’ll work the longest hours and to handle everything from front line cook to accountant to mechanic.

In order to have a successful food truck business, you will need to be prepared for all the hard work. Here are 5 lessons for future food truckers.

1.Don’t do it alone.

Having a food truck is serious business and it is highly impossible to handle it alone. Over the years you may have heard about food trucks across the country as a “one man” or “one woman” show. Well, that is not the case.

2.You’re going to do things out of your comfort zone

Be it having the fear of talking to strangers, or taking financial risks, being a successful food truck owner means taking risks and facing your fears.

3.Freedom comes with a price

There is a lot of freedom being a food truck owner, especially when you are working for yourself. You can take time offs whenever you would like but in exchange for those freedoms, you will have to put in long, hard hours.

4.Flexibility is key

There will be days where things wont go as plan and that’s okay. Look at your food truck business as a road map and remember to leave plenty of space and time for detours. If you don’t bend, you’ll eventually break.

5.Commitment is power

You don’t just commit to being a food truck owner once in your life. You have to continually do it day and night. Doing what you love for sometimes means doing things you would have rather not.