Malaysian Food and Its Culture

Selamat Datang! (Welcome!)

Being home to people of various cultures and ethnicities, Malaysia is most definitely at the top of the list under Asia’s multicultural countries. While different people have different opinions, that is one thing that all Malaysians will agree on, and that is indeed in fact the mouth-watering food!

Thanks to our cultural diversity, we were blessed we a variety of different foods available anytime, anywhere. If you’ve tried any of these, you are indeed a true Malaysian lah!

1.Breakfast meal

Being a Malaysian, the majority of us during breakfast in our school days would either have a cup of milo and some biscuits or would dabao (take-away) nasi lemak to have a “fine-dining” meal in class. On the weekends, most of us would grow up eating roti canai or nasi lemak. Another reason to look forward to the weekends.

2.Teh Tarik is your go to drink most of the time

It doesn’t matter if its breakfast, lunch or dinner, a cup of teh-tarik is always a must being a Malaysian.

3.Ordering Food, Rojak Style

The advantage of being a Malaysian is the fact that you can order your meals in mixed languages (rojak) and nobody would bat and eye on you. Often, when ordering at mamaks, we would call them boss. While the word ‘boss’ in this context does not mean that they are our employers, it’s just a word used among Malaysians to show respect.

4.Eating with your hands

A majority of Malaysians, especially Malays and Indians often use their bare hands when eating be it banana leaf rice, roti canai or mixed rice. While it can get messy sometimes, the satisfaction from eating with your bare hands is simply better.

5.Hawker Stalls

Believe it or not, food you buy from the roadside stalls someone just tastes way better! What makes us Malaysians is the fact that we wouldn’t mind queuing up under the hot sun, at the stalls, just for a plate of rojak etc.