3 WAYS to keep ice clean and safe

No matter what ice machine brand or model you have, there are precautions that should be followed in the interests of health and food safety. Your ice machine and your water supply do not work the same way. Many people think that ice machines clean themselves (which is not the case.).

If you want to keep your ice clean, here are 3 ways to keep your customers safe and happy:

1. Making sure staff uses proper handling techniques in keeping ice clean

  • Always wash hands before grabbing ice from the machine.
  • Only use ice scoops to grab ice, never hands.
  • Ice bin should be closed at all times when unused.
  • Store ice scoop outside of ice bin in a clean container.
  • Unused ice should be discarded, never return it to the ice machine.
  • Don’t store food and fruits in the ice bin, Food can contaminate your ice supply.

2. Pay attention to your ice machine

  • Inspect the exterior of the ice machine to ensure door and handle are clean and in good working condition.
  • Inspect for mold growth inside the machine and bin.
  • Staff should perform light cleaning often to prevent any unnecessary germs.

3. Keep up to date on maintenance and cleaning

  •  A typical cleaning routine would include:
  • Turning off the electrical supply and empty the ice bin.
  • Clean all surfaces inside using hot water and a cleaner or detergent.
  • Check the door and ensure it can close tightly to prevent dirt entering the ice making machine.
  • Switch machine back on and ensure it functions properly.