The fight between Induction and Gas Cookers

If induction cooking sounds very High-Tec to you, you’re going to be amazed with this next news.

Induction cooking is actually now becoming the fastest growing trend to date according to the National Kitchen + Bath Association’s 2018 Design Trend study.

However, simple to put, many people are loyal to gas cooking because its has become a method that they are most familiar with, especially chefs. When putting induction and gas cooktop together, gas would likely win in its familiar department.

But why is induction cooking so recommended? Well, induction cooking uses electromagnetic energy to heat pots and pans in comparison to gas cooktops that heat indirectly using a burner or heating element. As you can imagine, induction is able to deliver up to 90% electromagnetic energy to the food in a pan as compared to gas which converts a mere 38% of its energy.

Not only does it heat up faster, the temperature controls are also far more accurate, and also with wide ranges of temperature for you to choose from. Besides that, having an induction cooker also saves you from burning yourself as the surface stays cool, a good safety feature.

On almost everything a gas cook-top has but much better and safer, an induction cooker is safer, faster, cleaner and more efficient.