Equipment training at UNOX Asia Showroom

With great knowledge comes greats responsibilities.

Today’s training at the UNOX Asia Showroom gave us a bigger insight into the functions and usage of their equipment. Not only did the instructor mentioned about the different types of models they offer, in dept information in regards to the equipment was also highlighted. For example, the 3 main equipments they have. Those which was the Cheftop, Bakertop, and Bakerlux shop pro.

Throughout the whole training, the instructor step by step highlighted the usages of the equipment as well as how do we could, at ease, differentiate the model names and codings. Not only that, she also talked about the technical parts of the Combi oven which gave us a deeper insight into the machanics of their equipment and provides us with a better understanding on how their products are different from other brands.

The whole training in general gave us valuable knowledge that we could potentially help us in delivering better information and give our clients and potential market a better understanding on the equipment that they purchase, in other words, educating others as we go.